"I have never seen such results
            from a spell. Even voodoo 
            seems weak compared to 
            shamanism. If you have a 
          very difficult t situation to fix, 
         a shaman will surely cast the 
            best spell” John G. USA
    “I am very happy in my love life 
    now as my husband is back and
     faithful. Thank you so much for 
        your spell” Candice T. USA

Located in the area of the Yellowstone American Indians reservation, my wife and I chose this place for its amazing spirits’ activity. The famous geysers of Yellowstone are the gathering point of the 4 elements. All our spells are cast in this great place. Be sure that the spiritual forces, together actives, will give your spells an immense power so that even the hardest cases will be solved thanks to the Shamanic Magick.


The incredible living force existing in Yellowstone was forgotten for decades. I studied for years the old magic scripts, written down by the wisest of shamans roaming the free lands of America. I investigated their capacity to control the spirits of Nature (rain dance, control the fertility of the soil, control the animals’ bodies – and then called totems - for example) and the humans beings themselves (love spells were very common in the natives culture: a man could then find a woman outside of his tribe).

I discovered an old legend stating that Yellowstone was a privileged place for shamans because of its important magnetism and powerful spiritual activity. Then I went to this place, trying to find shamans. To my surprise, I found none. I felt was guided there by the ancients Cheyenne Shamans and that they had picked me to keep the flame burning. I am the guardian of the old ways. The chosen one. I have since then kept the old tradition of the Yellowstone Shamanic Magick alive!



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